7 facts you should know About Bangladesh Jute Industry?

Jute and Jute Made Products are a part of the Bangladesh Culture. Fondly called the “Golden Fibre”, in the past this sector were the primary Export products of Bangladesh. It still plays a Pivotal Role in Bangladesh Economy. Bangladesh exports 0.46 million (4.60 lakh) of Global Demand of 0.75 Million Jute Goods. Bangladesh has also the Patent of “Jute genome” or the patent holder of Jute DNA Structure formula.The Jute goods Market is worth which is worth 20.125 Million USD approx.

A number of Jute Goods manufacturers are Active in Bangladesh. Jute Fibre can be compressed and crafted into Consumer Products like fashionable bags, School Bags, Wine Bags, Wallets, Toys, Accessories, and Footwear etc. Also Jute is used to craft Socks, Sacks, hessian, Twine, Burlap etc.

7 facts you should know About Bangladesh Jute Industry:

  1. At the beginning of the twentieth century, Bengal could boast of only one manufacturing industry – jute
  2. There are 50 private jute spinning mills producing jute yarn/twine under Bangladesh Jute Spinners Association. The collective Production of of this sector is 0.29 million Tons of Jute Yarn/Twine. Exports annually 12 Million US Dollar.
  3. The Average production of Jute Goods are 6,63,000 Metric tons
  4. Jute bags is widely popularized as plastic bag Substitutes.
  5. Most of the New Jute Manufacturers are coming online to Trade.
  6. The Most Sought Jute Consumer Products are Jute bags. On Average a prices of Jute Bags Varies from $1-$8. It may differ depending on quality, Type of Bags, Level of Work etc.
  7. Jute Bags are Biodegradable and Eco-friendly.

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