7 Key Facts About Light engineering Sector of Bangladesh

Light Engineering is also known as the “Mother of All Sectors” because this sector provides backward and Forward Linkage supports to all other Industries. The absence of Light engineering Means the Stoppage of Production of al Machine oriented Production. Because Through This Sector Most of the all the other sector receives Maintenance supports for their Machinery. Imagine a Plant being shut down because the machine cannot start without a “Screw or Nut” That needs to import from Japan. This is where Light engineering comes.  52% of the in house demand of Bangladesh are met up by our own Light engineering Companies. The annual Growth rate is almost 30% (Ref)

Some Products Are:

Castings, Spare Parts, Molds, Dices, Light Machinery, Switch, Light Shed, channel, cables, electrical Fans, Bicycle, fancy light fittings, construction equipment’s, battery, voltage stabilizer, carbon rod, automobile spares, electronic items, etc. Bangladesh exports engineering products

And there are many More.

7 Key Facts About Light engineering Sector of Bangladesh:

  • There are approx. 40,000 Small Scale Light Engineering Enterprise
  • Most of these Enterprises are Located in Dhaka
  • Major Importers: China, Japan, Korea, EU, India, Middle East.
  • 10,000 Unique Products are produced by our Enterprises.
  • This Sector achieved a 163.27% oversees export growth in 2012.
  • 6 Million people are involved in this sector
  • Strong Customization capacity makes it a lucrative Market.

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