About Us


As a trade facilitation company, TEDFO Bangladesh Limited has been facilitating international trade since 2016. We offer easy, simple solutions for exporters so that they can further their business interests and flourish. 



Every company has its unique story, and so do we. Our story began in 2016 when our founder and CEO, Debasish Chakraborty, along with Tareq Hasan, currently Chairman of the Board, and Nizam Uddin, currently Director and Board Member, came together to form TEDFO. All of our founders are qualified in their own right with their own successful business enterprise and expertise in a particular business area. 

Our Vision

We believe in InnovationConfidentiality, Convenience, Commitment, Compliance, our core values are built to provide innovative solutions for our clients and empower local and global businesses. Our aim is to become the largest trade service provider for Bangladesh, and we are well on our way to achieving that. 

Building the Future

As a limited liability company with privately-held shares, we have facilitated growth for exporters in Bangladesh, giving them the chance to expand their business interests and keep up with the global world. Being unique is something we pride ourselves on being. We are the first company to introduce a B2B marketplace for exporters. Other than that, we also employ easy-to-use trade documentation and logistic services. 

What makes us different?

Our motto is continuous improvement. We embrace change because it helps us learn and grow into a better company. From the beginning, we have worked with exporters and SME entrepreneurs who have given us their specialized knowledge and insight. These experiences have allowed us to work outside the box and create innovative specialized solutions for our clients. We do not believe in conformation; instead, we strive to blaze our own path so that our clients have access to the best possible service from us. Our specialization stems from our first-hand experience, and the solutions can easily be fit within existing business systems of an organization to maximize value and profit. 

Trusting us

Service and Commitment are two things that we adhere strictly to. We cater to their needs and make sure that their needs are heard and implemented into our solutions. The platform that we created is built to make sure that it is easily accessible and requires less hassle. The platform provides services such as product showcasing, direct communication, logistical support, and easy usage. Our clientele is diverse; we work with big corporations such as Meghna group, TK Group, and Bashundhara group, as well as smaller businesses such as Aurora Leather Smart Leather products KPC industry, and many more. Our impeccable services have ensured their relationship with us continues till now. 

Our Specialized Experience

Working in a conservative economy has not been easy, but we have turned this drawback into our strength. Businesses based in Bangladesh are focused on a bottom-line performance approach to increase or decrease sales. Creating marketplace solutions for our clients has helped maintain our Commitment. Our B2B marketplace allows for access to other buyers without the need for a middleman. The logistics system gives the clients the cheapest rates with the easiest showcasing, while Documentor makes sure that there are accessible records and easy bookkeeping. 

These facilities improve the final bottom line for any organization. 

Our future plans include building a factor-based prep finance portal that will allow exporters to receive their bills for shipment as soon as the delivery is confirmed. Bangladesh-based businesses will particularly benefit from this feature as this support will allow them to help improve their sales, business development, and finance management.