Supplier Selection Solutions

  • Easier Supplier Search
  • Verified and Qualified Suppliers
  • Direct Access to Suppliers

Quotation Solutions

  • One Click Enquiry
  • RFQs from Multiple Quotation
  • Quotation Dashboard

Trade Solutions

  • Trade Insurence
  • Sourcing Hotline
  • Travelling Assisstance


Tedfo is the most trusted B2B marketplace of Bangladesh whare only Bangladesh suppliers open their personalized online showroom and showcase their products. You can type your products in search bar and find your desired suppliers. Even if you don't find any suitable one in serach, just let Tedfo inform through Sourcing Hotline or Live Massage, they will help you to find and connect with right one.
Tedfo helps global buyers to find Bangladesh suppliers easily, to collect quotations from Bangladesh suppliers quickly and to do trade confidently. Tedfo protects your order with their Trade Insurence service. In addition, the directly helps global buyers for their sourcing needs through their dedicated "Sourcing Hotline".
Tedfo Sourcing Hotline is a dedicated hotline for global buyers where they can get any sourcing related assistance and issues. You can easily call or send massage at +88 01708 574 200 (Whatsapp, Viber, Line, wechat) for urgent assistance.
Trade Insurence provides you assurence on quality, qunaity and shipment time when you source from Bangladesh suppliers. You can avail up to 100% money back for shipment issues when your source from Bangladesh. This service reduces your risk and keep you tension free.
Finding right suppliers and getting qotation from top suppliers are always free in Tedfo Marketplace. To enjoy Trade Insurence and Travelling Assistance is chargable only.