How Can I Find Bangladesh Suppliers?

Bangladesh Suppliers are world widely popular in the world. It is termed as the “Tiger in the Night” by economist. Bangladesh has achieved a GDP Growth Rate of 7.05 Percent in 2016.This is an all-time High GDP growth for Bangladesh

Bangladesh has outperformed all other Asia Pacific Countries in merchandise shipments. With an annual export worth approx.: 34 billion Dollar. The Target for 2016-2017 is exporting worth of 37 Billion Dollar.

Bulk of the export of Bangladesh Comes from Knitwear and Woven products. However The Leather Sector of Bangladesh is booming as well as the Traditional Export sectors such as Jute and Jute Goods, Agriculture and Frozen Fish Shrimps. New sectors are booming silently such as Engineering Goods, Ceramics, and Cosmetics etc.

The Software and BPO section has shown great promise and a number of companies are opening offices in Bangladesh to outsource services. Current Software Export market is $151.83 million.

Bangladesh is a lucrative country to invest or to import from. However, where can I find the Data? Or a List of Suppliers from Bangladesh.

Here is some Organizations and their links if you are looking to source from Bangladesh.

  • Embassy: Contrary to all we think about embassy. Each embassy of a country is measured by the export they bring to their respective country. Usually, the data collected by Embassy is verified and Authentic. So, if you are an Importer and you want to buy from Bangladesh Seriously, Mail/Call the Commercial Department of Bangladesh Embassy of Your Country. The commercial person will provide you information Support and May even help you to create network with a Supplier.  Ex- Look at this Link of Bangladesh Embassy of Japan.
  • Associations: For most promising sectors, there are Associations who are responsible for the overall development of the sector. These are made collective suppliers and manufacturers are in general has a Detailed List of their Member. If you are a Buyer and Would Like to get the List Just Give Them a Call. Want to Know More, Read this.
  • Government Organizations: There are many Bangladeshi Govt. Organizations that are Directly Responsible for Export Market Development. These are also a Good Source to get Suppliers List. EPB or Export Promotion Bureau of Bangladesh arranges trade show all around the world and main a well categorized supplier List. Want to Know More about this news, Read this.
  •  B2B Business Directory/Marketplaces: Except the above three options , if you want to look at other options then the B2B marketplaces or the Business Directory are your another Option. They have a Huge List of Supplier and Exporters from all categories. More importantly, you can also view the products from this sites and contact the suppliers directly.


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