For Our Local Suppliers:

  1. What is Tedfo.com?

Ans: It is a Marketplace for Wholesale trade or simply a B2B platform for the SME’s

  1. What Does It Do?

Ans: It Connects Bangladesh Manufacturers, Suppliers and Traders with Global Buyers.

  1. So, Tedfo.com receives Commission for Getting Byers?

Ans: STRICTLY NO, Tedfo.com doesn’t deal with any kind of commission. The marketplace model is open and buyers can freely communicate with any suppliers, manufacturers, traders they want. Tedfo.com will merely connect; it is the member’s responsibility to convince the prospective Lead.

  1. So, if I am Member of Tedfo.com what will I get?

Ans: Firstly you will get a Web Showroom that will be your own platform to display Product.Secondly, Tedfo.com will OPTIMIZE the showroom so, the products and the respective seller can be easily found by prospective buyers

  1. But I already have a Website?

Ans: Yes you have, but we regularly update our marketplace that helps to get buyers attention. Also, simply compare, a single shop in a street VS a Shop in a big Market which will get more customers to visit?

  1. How will the buyers Contact Me?

Ans: The individual Web Showroom has Mail Service for the buyer. Also the Sellers will get quotations send by Buyers

  1. All Right, But who will update the Products?

Ans: You will, we will provide you forms and other materials which will be helpful for you

  1. And What about Product Photography?

Ans: Well Product Photo’s is a Key Criteria for Buyers. They won’t waste a second is picture is poor, So, The Quality of The Picture needs to be “Very Good”. We prefer Raw Photo or Direct Photo Which is received after Taking picture. However, For Our members we have an state of art Photography studio and Trained Product Photographer, If you bring us your products we will take the pictures.

  1. Can I get a copy of the pictures?

Ans: OF COURSE, we will send you a copy of the pictures

  1. I don’t want to upload the Product Description?

Ans: We know you are busy with your company. Relax and let us do the work. Our Dedicated Content team will help you upload your Products, for a TINY price.

For Our Global Buyers:

  1. So, Do I need to pay any Commission or Fees?

Ans: STRICTLY NO, Tedfo is a commission free service. Moreover the buyers need not pay any subscription fee to view sellers and communicate with them. However there are some Value Added Service we offer that is upon Buyers to select. Those are Billable.

  1. What are the services Tedfo Offers to Global buyers?

Ans: Firstly, You will have unlimited Access to all our member suppliers and view their products offering. Secondly, you can contact any Manufacturer Directly to know more Thirdly, You will get direct access to manufacturers without Third Party moderation. Fourthly, you will get the option to purchase our Value Added Services like Shipment Inspection, Bangladesh Transportation, Manufacturer Visiting Service and Sample Transportation

  1. So, About Samples? Can you be more specific?

Ans: Sure, We will help you get the samples from manufacturer. We will fill the process from Bangladesh and arrange on behalf of you to send the samples from Bangladesh.

  1. Will I need pay on Advance?

Ans: Yes, if you don’t want to give your account number. No, If you give your account number so, we can instruct DHL/FEDEX/TNT EXPRESS to cut the amount

  1. Can you tell more about BD Transportation and Manufacturer Visiting?

Ans: Tedfo.com is determined to make the buyers fell the Ultimate Sourcing experience. In this aspect Tedfo.com will provide the option to the prospective a special service. In land Transportation in Bangladesh. Also, for Buyers who wishes to visit the manufacturing plant, Tedfo.com will act as a guide and show you the plants and provide assistance.

  1. What About the inspection Service?

Ans: Tedfo.com will help get all the necessary inspection certification upon proper testing to reduce product risk.

  1. Very Nice, What else?

Ans: We have accumulated the largest export content in Bangladesh. All information required to do Export-Import Business is stored there. You are welcome to enrich your knowledge, It’s Free.

  1. So, How can I contact you?

Ans: Well you can mail us @ [email protected] or there is a online chat system where you can reach us.

  1. What is the product I am looking for is not in Tedfo.com?

Ans: In that case please mail us about your specific Requirement. If it is available in Bangladesh we will connect you with the supplier or manufacturer.