Scopes and Future of Footwear Export from Bangladesh

There have a huge scopes and future of footwear export from Bangladesh. The leather industry is one of the emerging sectors in Bangladesh and is the second-largest export sector of Bangladesh. This sector has a tremendous potentiality to grow in the future.

The footwear industry manufactures sneakers, boots, galoshes, dress shoes, sandals, slippers, and athletic and trade-related footwear. This industry also includes shoe lashes, inner sole, heels, buckles, etc. In this article, we are going to discuss scopes and the future of footwear export from Bangladesh.

Footwear Exporters in Bangladesh:

A lot of companies export footwear in Bangladesh. We are mentioning some of them:

  • ABC Footwear Industries Ltd.
  • Megumi Footwear Ltd
  • Bata Shoe Co. (Bangladesh) Ltd
  • Next Collections Limited
  • Bengal Shoe Industries Limited
  • FB Footwear LTD
  • Raj-Kamal Everbest Corporation Ltd.
  • Fortuna Bangladesh
  • Nur Leather Export
  • Earth Footwear Ltd.
  • Footbed Footwear Limited
  • Jennys Shoes Ltd
  • Bangladesh Pou Hung Industrial Ltd.
  • Woodland

These are some leather and footwear manufacturers and exporters in Bangladesh. These companies contribute a lot to the Bangladeshi economy a lot.

Favorable sides of footwear industries:

A lot of things are in favor of the footwear industries in Bangladesh. We are discussing some of them:

  • Sufficient Livestock: As leather is the primary raw material of all footwear, we are enriched with the raw material of shoe. We have significant livestock. So, we can say that raw materials are readily available for this industry.
  • Convenient price: In Bangladesh, we can produce our product at a low cost. That’s why we can sell our products at a reasonable price, which is very interesting and impressive for other countries. It’s an advantage of our environment.
  • Established tanning industry: There are a lot of tannery industries are here and new are establishing now. So, leather processing is not a big deal for us. We can easily do it by our tannery industries.
  • Lower cost: Here all the costs are lower than any other developed country who are interested in our product. So, it’s an advantage for us. We can provide them a good product at a low price.
  • Availability of Labor: We have a vast labor who wants to work at a cheap wage. We use them to produce our product. So, labor is not an issue for us.we have enough labor for our industry.
  • Healthy Environment: Here, we get a healthy environment. The oxygen level is higher than any other developed country. And the industrial environment is also sound and friendly.
  • Government Assistance: We get a lot of assistance from our government—tax advantages, other utility advantages, free access, etc.
  • Scope of expansion: If we want to expand this industry here, we will easily be able to do that. Here we have a broad scope of development.
  • Availability of energy resources: We have enough resources for our power supply. All the elements which are needed for running a factory, we have them
  • The help of other Organization: EU initiatives in the leather industry for standardized and distinctive designed products by sophisticated technological production system

Adverse Sides of these industries:

These industries also have some threads. Which are as follows:

  • Availability of appropriate technology: We don’t have much technical support yet. It’s a huge problem for this industry.
  • Availability of skilled labor: We have employment, but all of them are not skilled. So, we are in a want of skilled labor.
  • Waste disposal opportunity: We don’t have any sound waste disposal system. It’s a big issue for this industry.
  • Standard operating system: We need a standard operating system. We haven’t it yet.

Future potentialities of this sector:

There are huge potentialities in this sector. Maybe one day it will be the largest export sector of Bangladesh. Some are given below:

  • This industry is very much potential to ditto RMG success story.
  • The demand for Bangladeshi footwear is rising day by day in the global market. This is excellent news for this industry.
  • The demands are also rising in domestic markets. It’s also a piece of great news because people want to buy their own country’s product because of their quality and reasonable price.
  • Exporting this footwear are gaining momentum in recent years.
  • New tanneries are also establishing in Savar, which will help a lot for these footwear industries.
  • Day by day, the quality of the components is increasing.
  • A young, industrious workforce is growing by 2million over the year. So in the future, the quality of the products will be more impressive.
  • Bangladeshi government giving sector-based training opportunities that are very needed for this industry.
  • More modern and developed technologies are using in this sector now. So, the design of your footwear is great day by day. Now in every factory of footwear, companies are using computer-aided design (CAD) for designing their footwear.
  • provides a friendly environment for this sector. They are getting a lot of advantages, like tax reduction.
  • Here, other countries getting footwear at a very convenient cost. That’s why they are very much interested in investing there.
  • We have enough shipment facilities by air and seaport both.
  • Currently, the European Union agreed to work with us in this sector.
  • Here, other countries can get total tariff and quota-free access to invest.

After all this discussion, we can say that the scopes and future of footwear export from Bangladesh is really high. Just need some steps by government and regarding authority.


The footwear industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is highly reputed for this industry over the world. The demand for Bangladeshi footwear products is so high. We have a high scope to broadening its markets and export values.

In this article, we have discussed a lot of things about the scope and future of footwear export from Bangladesh. After the discussion, we can easily say that the range of footwear exports is too broad in Bangladesh and tomorrow it would be the largest export sector of Bangladesh.

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