How to Ship Hats: The Best Way Explained

Hats aren’t foldable by their nature. The more straight it stays, the longer it will last. It may lose its proper shape due to mishandling. One of the worst scenarios of mishandling is incorrect shipping. It mostly happens when you don’t know how to ship hats correctly.

As a regular hat user, you may sometimes want to send a beautiful hat to your friend. Or you maybe got a unique vintage hat while on vacation. Instead of taking with you on the plane, you want to ship it separately. These are some of the situations when you feel the need for hat shipping.

Besides, you may need to ship hats if you own a hat business. You want to send your customers the hat they ordered. In this article, we’ll discuss the easiest and most efficient way to ship hats. Here we will tell you everything from packing different hat types to the type of boxes you should use.

So, without further ado, let’s get started step-by-step!

What Type of Hats You are Shipping?

Before you know how to ship hats, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing you should consider is the type of hats you are shipping. Hats come in different shapes and styles. Each type of hat requires special care, as the design is different.

Each hat has its own story from fedoras, baseball caps to safari hats, and floppy hats. All these hats come with unique material, including cotton, straw, wool, polyester, etc. Check out what material your hat is made of.

Is it soft or sturdy? Is it wool made or leather made?

Some materials are compatible with packing. For example, cotton or wool-made hats are easily packable. You don’t have to take extra precautions while transporting.

On the other hand, some hats are more prone to transport. Take a firm straw material as an example. It is easily bendable, so you need to be more careful while shipping.

How to Pack Different Types of Hats?

Safe shipping depends on proper packaging. The better you pack it, the more safely it will reach to the destination. After considering the material you’ll be shipping, the next packaging step is crucial.

You need to consider many things while packaging, like the material, size, and design of the hat. It becomes a bit tricky when you consider a lot of things. So, the better option is to pack your hat depending on their types.

There are some most common types of hats that people wear. Here we’ll help you with some tricks to transport those types of hats. If your particular type of hat is not included in the list, you’ll find some similarities. So, you can use the same steps to transport your hats.

Wool Hats

The size of the wool hats decides how it needs to be transported. If it is a small-sized wool beanie or flat cap, put it in a small box. Then, wrap the box with crumpled paper, tissue paper, or packing peanuts.

Do not wrap the box with the newspaper because the ink may transfer to the hat. However, the larger wool hat will likely have a larger brim. Also, it may have some exclusive details like appliques, feathers, or a ribbon band.

You have to avoid wrinkling it. So, you have to stuff the hat with a regular paper, including its surroundings. Then place the hat in a large box. Repeat the process if you want to pack more wool hats in the same box.

Cotton or Synthetic Caps

Cotton or synthetic caps such as beanies, baseball, and kit hats are easier to transport. They are soft, so you can easily fold and pack them in a small box. You don’t need to use any filler material. Even after wrapping, it will not lose its shape.

Besides, the shipping cost is minimum because of their lightweight. Just pack them into a small box, and they are ready to go. However, you may have to take extra precautions while shipping any vintage or collector’s baseball caps. They are made from cardboard. Do not bend them; otherwise, it’ll get damaged.

Straw Hats

Depending on the strength and texture of the straw, some straw hats are crushable. A crushable straw hat allows folding, bent, and smashing. It will rebound to its original shape even after crushing.

Some straw hats are labelled as crushable, and you can sense the crack. You should not squeeze those hats to fit into a small box. However, some straw hats include embellishments like beads, tassels, etc.

So, pay attention to the decorations; otherwise, it could get damaged. You can use bubble wrap to protect all these embellishments while shipping.

Leather Hats

Leather requires special care. Though you can bend leather hats, still you should notice one thing. If the leather hats stay folded for long, it may ruin the shape and develop wrinkles. But, there is a way to overcome this problem.

You can use leather protection sprays on the leather hats. It protects the hats from wrinkles, moisture, and dust. So, spray over your leather hats while packaging. It will keep your hat safe. Besides, leather hats are small in size, so you wrap it with a newspaper and place it in any decent box

What Type of Box to Use for Hat Shipping?

One of the essential factors of hat shipping is choosing the right box. You should pick the box according to what you want to transport. For small hats, you don’t need any large box. Large box only adds transportation cost.

You may have different boxes coming from amazon or other delivery services. It is wise to use those boxes for hat shipping. Those boxes are made of cardboard, which is good for the environment and also for your wallet.

Some hat enthusiasts don’t prefer any box at all. They said you should pack the hat with some paper and place it in any plastic bag. You can transport the softest hats in this way.

What About Transportation Cost?

Transportation cost depends on the size and weight of the shipping box. So, you should try to minimize the size and weight of the packaging. That doesn’t mean you’ll place a lot of delicate hats in a single box. In that case, you should separate the boxes and send them in small-sized boxes. It will reduce your transportation cost.


See! It is as simple as that. Without knowing how to ship hats, the process might seem a bit daunting. If you know the tricks to handle different hats, you can send it in a picture-perfect condition.

Hopefully, our tips could help you to handle hats of different styles, shapes, and fabrications. Now you can easily send a wrinkle-free hat to your customer or the nearest one. Happy Shipping!

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