List of Government Organization Supporting Export Industry In Bangladesh?

Ministry of Commerce, Bangladesh

The Wing of the government of Bangladesh that Overseer’s and Supports the Internal and External trade Development. The commerce ministry is the Main Policy Making Authority of Internal and External Commerce in Bangladesh.


List of Foreign Commercial Officials (AS Per Ministry of Commerce Website)

Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute

Bangladesh Foreign Trade Institute (BFTI) is a non-profit research and training institution. Founded in 2003, it traces its inception to the concept of public-private partnership (PPP) between the Ministry of Commerce (MoC), Government of Bangladesh and the private sector. Its prime focus is on research, education, training and policy advocacy on international trade-related issues.  The beneficiaries of the institute comprise both the public and private sectors, engaged in trade-related activities.


Export Promotion Bureau (EPB)

International Business is mostly dependent on information flow in the present globalize world. Considering the success in export trade, Export Promotion Bureau has a modern and well equipped Trade Information Centre (TIC) in its Head Office Dhaka. TIC has been providing information and services to users since 1965 after its establishment. It is now working as a Centre of Excellence and Knowledge with modern facilities of information technology.

Customs House Chittagong

Chittagong Custom House is primarily responsible for collection of all duties and taxes at the import stage. Apart from collection of government revenue it is also responsible for trade facilitation, enforcement of government regulations, protection of society and environment, preparation of foreign trade statistics, trade compliance and protection of cultural heritage.


Bangladesh Trade Portal

The Bangladesh Trade Portal is a one-stop point for information relating to export from and import into Bangladesh. Hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, the portal provides an accessible, logical, helpful window for traders to access important regulatory and procedural information needed to export and import.


Bangladesh Investment Development Authority

Established under Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) Act 2016, the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) is the principal private investment promotion and facilitation agency of Bangladesh. The act is created on September 01, 2016.The act mandated BIDA for providing diversified promotional and facilitating services with a view to accelerating industrial development of the country. In addition, the government also entrusted BIDA with some more functions in its service list. This is the Website a Potential Large Importer Must Absolutely Study to  get a Total view Investment Opportunities in Bangladesh.



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