Our Services

TEDFO is a company that provides IT-enabled services. It encompasses a wide range of procedures that make use of information technology to boost an organization’s efficiency. The majority of the world’s top corporations opt to outsource IT enable services (ITES). Value addition of IT enabled services is the most significant factor of our services. Customer relationship management, an updated database, a better appearance and feel, and so on are examples of our value additions.

Business Process Outsourcing:

We provide the BPO (business process outsourcing) services to our customers thorough our web services. TEDFO as BPO complete critical business tasks for different companies from outside Bangladesh as their third-party outsourcing agent. 

Software Development Projects


This version was designed with new frontend technology called Bootstrap. It replaced the previously used Bulma. This version was built upon a theme and named Documentor. Documentor was designed into three parts.

  1. Export Documents
  2. Local Documents
  3. Catalogue

The following were present during the release time

Feature: All local and export documents along with catalogue, Profile.

Logistics Version

Logistics holds a lot of changes. Two new domains were introduced along with app.tedfo.com. New stories were introduced. Different portal for vendors and admins. This version was targeted to build the logistics feature. Connections between Relational Manager and Exporter were made.

Feature: Documentor, Profile, Billing, Logistics

BizAid and Knowledge Version

This version continues adding new features to the system. BizAid and knowledge was introduced in this release. The UI of knowledge section was freelanced to get the best output. Connection between wordpress and Laravel was made in this part. Authentication system was revamped.

Feature: Documentor, Profile, Billing, Logistics, BizAid, Knowledge and New Authentication Process.


Marketplace is planned upon the following features

  • Help buyers to find suppliers
  • Help sellers to showcase their products
  • Help sellers to manage their export profile for the the buyers

Main Application: This application is aimed to serve only the sellers so that they can do the following:

  • Create and manage both export and local documents along with catalogues
  • Manage business profiles (Company profile, customer profile, bank information etc.)
  • Upload their products
  • Find a RM who will provide him logistics supports
  • Order business certificates. Ex: TIN, BIN, ERC/IRC etc.
  • Get tutorials/lectures on export management

Besides those two types of customers, TEDFO Bangladesh Ltd. aims to provide support for Relation Managers (RM) so that they can provide best support to their exporters. For that a new application was developed which is hosted at vendor.tedfo.com. This application holds the following features:

  • Allow RM to bid or propose a quotation placed by Exporter
  • Help RM to manage his shipments
  • Help RM to create offers for his Exporters and manage them
  • Help RM to provide support against BizAid orders