Bangladesh Footwear industry is set to become the next Largest Market for Bangladesh after Ready Made Garments.

Because of Backward Link as the Leather Crust is also produced in Bangladesh,Products comes in Good Quality and Affordable Pricing.

Shoes,Sandals, Loafers,Flip Flop Sandal, Boots, Sports Shoe,  Made from Leather, Synthetic,Sponge ,Jute etc. 

Major Exporters of Bangladesh Made Footwear are Italy, New Zealand, Poland, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Germany, United States, Canada and Spain.

Tedfo.com suppliers collectively Hold over 200+ unique Footwear products on Mostly Leather Jute Shoes,Sandals , Loafers and Flip Flop Style Sandals. All Size can be customized. Product Materials are Either Real Leather or PU leather.May or may not contain Brand Name Based on requirement.

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