Leather Goods

Leather Goods

Leather Sector is the Second Largest Export sector after RMG in Bangladesh. Leather products can be Real Leather or PU Leather.

Tedfo.com Leather suppliers  produces a wide variety products such as: Leather Jacket, Leather Footwear, Leather Bags, Shoulder bag, Purse, Backpack, Wallets, Cardholder, Belts,Shoes,Handbags,Gloves  etc.Also Some produce Items such as Jewelry Box, Cuff link Cases, Ring Box, Corporate Folder, Filofax, Tray,Bangle Box,Key Holder, key Box Organizer,  etc.

Our Suppliers products are made from Real Leather or PU Leather.With Hand Made Designs.Authentic manufacturers & Self owned Manufacturing Plants.They prepare Customized leather goods.

Order using Tedfo and get free Shipment Inspection.

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