Product Labeling Guideline for Local and Export Business

Only production alone is not enough to export goods. This requires proper packaging and labeling of the product. And so labeling is given due importance as the next step in the production of goods in the export trade. Proper packaging and labeling not only make the product attractive. At the same time, it ensures that the product does not suffer any loss during export.

What is Product Labeling?

Labeling Product is the written statement on the packet in which the manufacturer’s name, details address, country of origin, product ingredients etc. are mentioned. There are some policies and guidelines given by the government in product labeling

Example – A soft drink like Coca-Cola might have the ingredients of the product as well as the instructions on how to make the product written and illustrated on the package. These instructions are nothing else but product labeling by the brand.

What Functions Product Labelling Play?


Product packaging and labeling not only make people familiar with the product, it often becomes a product identity. For example, even if there is water inside, many people buy a bottle of ‘mam’ water from the outside. In that case, not the product, but the brand plays the biggest role. And the brand reaches people through packaging and labeling.


Labeling also works in product promotion. A seller informs potential buyers about the product through the packaging and labeling of his product. Before we buy anything we read the information written on the packet of that product. Beautiful packaging and labeling make the buyer interested in buying the product. Promotions also increase based on the outer cover of Ever products.

Product Description

The product label contains a description of the ingredients in the product. Also where the product is made, expiration, etc. are also written. This makes it easier for people to decide which product to buy or not.

Product Identity

As mentioned earlier, packaging often becomes the identity of the product. people are attracted to the same product and trust to buy it.

Fulfilling government law

Government laws in each country determine which products must be complied with and which information must be communicated to the consumer. Product packaging and product labeling help a manufacturer ensure that.

General Guidelines to be Followed for Product Labeling

Label Language:

If the language of the label is a foreign language in the sale of the local market, it should have labels in Bangla;

Label Placement and Ink:

The labeling will be written by the permanent ink. In the case of packaged products, when no space available in the packet then the labeling should be attached to the separate paper inside the packet, as well as the instruction on the cover.

Protection Method:

Must have label protection methods, usage guidelines, and necessary alerts. On the other hand, users can not be confused about the quality of the product, which can be labeled. Therefore, maintain the food product, the quality of food chain should be maintained in all areas.

Weight marking:

Product label weight and quantity should be in SI method.

Unit Measurement:

According to weight and measurement ordinance, 1982, the unit of measurement should be as per liters, kgs, meters, etc.

Country of origin:

Must be mentioned in the certification marks license number label from the certificate authority by the government.

Warning and Restrictions:

There should be warning/restriction on labeling if any product is seen in the eyes. Therefore, Holding empty hands or in other ways is harmful.

Environment-Friendly Labeling:

Product labeling will be environment-friendly.

Special Guidelines for You

  • ‘Expire date / use best before’ in the field of an agricultural commodity, food, water, soft drinks and chemicals and cosmetics, quality performance, civil engineering and electronics, mechanical, electrical products, rubber and plastics products. Mention them on the label.
  • Especially, the name and quantity of colors and preservatives for the agricultural products, food, water, soft drinks, and cosmetics products will be mentioned in the label.

Following special certificates are needed for some specific products that must be add in label.

Certificate Product Types
Sanitary Certificate All livestock, plant and plant products (except fruit and vegetables)
Radiation Certificate Milk and milk products, edible oil, food for poultry, and animal.
Fumigation Certificate Clothing
Producer’s Certificate Iron and Steel
Certificate of Cleanliness Textile

Simply put, product labeling is one of the most important steps in selling a product. This not only helps the buyer to have confidence in a particular product. It also helps the manufacturer to comply with the laws given by the government. As it is one of the most important components of product sales, pay more attention to product labeling.

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