Product Bau Kul: edible berrylike fruit of a Eurasian plant

Bau Kul: edible berrylike fruit of a Eurasian plant

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Bau Kul: Edible Berrylike Fruit of a Eurasian Plant This is a Raw Fresh Fruit, invented in Bangladesh Agricultural University( BAU) germplasm center, by Prof Dr M A Rahim. This is one type of Jujube (Chinese date), the edible berrylike fruit of a Eurasian plant, formerly taken as a cough cure. This type has invented in Bangladesh. And Low in Cost of Production, tastes like apple and rich in fiber and vitamin. The production efficiency of this fruit has made this a very good export sector of Bangladesh. Even after meeting the need of the country, it can be exported and there is high demand for this fruit overseas.
  • Country of Origin: Bangladesh
  • Fruit weight: 90 to 250g.
  • Sweetness:18-21 (TSS).
  • Seed: 3-4% of the edible portion.
  • Plants are spine less, quick growing fruiting within 4-5 months of planting
  • Contact Supplier: AVALON ASSOCIATES LTD
Delivery Time : 7 DAYS
Payment Terms : 100% TT
Packing : STANDRAD
Country Of Origin : BANGLADESH