Product Color of Light , Kid’s Science Kit

Color of Light , Kid’s Science Kit

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Special Feature

  • First ever Science kit from Bangladesh.
  • More than 25 exciting experiments to explore.
  • Amazing collections of ideas and scientific instruments.
  • Attractive and specially designed manual booklet with story book.
  • Video tutorials included for better learning.

Color of Light , Kid's Science Kit  About Us: Orelco is a nationally recognized company in power and automation technologies in Bangladesh. Based in Dhaka,Bangladesh, the company employs 1,500 people and operates in approximately 8 districts.The company is particularly proud of its record for innovation - widely recognized through countless awards and scientific accolades. Many of the technologies we take for granted today, were developed or commercialized by Orelco. Today Orelco is one of the largest supplier of Voltage Stabilizer, Solar Charge Controller, Vehicle Tracking System, LED Lighting Solution in the country.We are also engaging in education Software, Science Box , Craft Box etc. Visit Our Website or Our Online Showroom What  ‘Color of  Light’ contains……
  • Paper with Holes
  •   Candle
  •   Cardboard with Holes
  •   Pinhole Camera box
  •   Bouncing Ball
  •   Flash Light/Laser Light
  •   Mirror
  •   Periscope Box
  •   Kaleidoscope box
  •   Goggles
  •   Motor
  •   Stroboscope
  •   Battery and Casing
  •   Color Wheel
  •   Transparent Glass Plate
  •   Convex Lens
Experiments could be  done by  ‘Color of  Light’…..
  •   Divergent Light
  •   Straight Path is the Best Path
  •   Pinhole Camera
  •   Light Bounces!
  •   Mirror Effect
  •   Solving Cipher
  •   Millions of You
  •   Seeing is Believing
  •   Mission Periscope
  •   Kaleidoscope Beauty
  •   Distract Light from its Way!
  •   Bend Pencil Virtually
  •   Coin Magic
  •   Change the Direction of an Arrow
  •   Rainbow with Mirror!
  •   Rainbow without Science Box!
  •   Rainbow again!
  •   The  Goggle
  •   Do you  see  what I See?
  •   Once again, Do you  see  what I See?
  •   Reflection and Reflection at Once
  •   Stream of Light!
  •   Stroboscope
  •   Flame without Fire
  •   Capture Forged Note