Product Exclusive Designed Leather Ladies Hand Bag

Exclusive Designed Leather Ladies Hand Bag

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Exclusive Designed Leather Ladies Hand Bag PEACOCK CRAFTS LTD. is a 100% export oriented  manufacturing factory of  leather & jute goods in Bangladesh. We are Mainly exporting in  JAPAN  and  rarely fail shipment Date. We produce a full range of production such as Bags, Small leather goods & JUTE diversified products. Our strength is in providing quality  product & service to our customers with our  skilled team. We believe in  the right Quality and On time Shipment.We are a Labor Compliance Factory. We strictly Follow mutually agreed Features between the manufacturer and the Buyers. Rigid quality and standards are to be followed    in case of exports. The firsthand the foremost duty should be to maintain quality and workmanship especially in case of   hand   stitching. For Export Orders  of artistic leather goods, we follow the buyer’s sample specification , design, drawings, thickness and other Functional Features. We use Materials as per European Standard so, be assured of quality. Our products have unique feature of artistic work, aesthetic look and finish. Our Artistic leather goods have good demand in U.S.A, Japan, Great Britain, Brazil, Canada and Italy .We have Domestic Demand in  Bangladesh also. Materials: Leather  with cotton twill lining Usage:  Fashion with casual bag Features: 1  Large Slot, 2 Smaller Slots in lining MOQ: 200 Pieces/ colour Lead Time of Sample Development: 20 Days. Lead time Delivery : Depends on qty/ order To see more of our products  visit our showroom
Payment Terms : Straight LC/TT
Packing : Export Standard
Brand Name : Peacock Crafts Ltd
Country Of Origin : Bangladesh
Delivery Place : Chittagong Port,Bangladesh