Product 3 Strand Jute Rope

3 Strand Jute Rope

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Diamond Jute Diversification & Co. is one of the most reputed manufacturers and most trusted, dependable and reliable exporters of diversified jute products from Bangladesh. Our motto is “Quality First”. We always give value to our customer’s satisfaction.

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Jute rope

Jute rope from Bangladesh useful for commercial and household purpose

Who are we?
  • largest Jute Product Manufacturer in Bangladesh
  • Regular Jute product exporters
Our Products are:
  • 100% hand Knitted
  • Manufactured In Bangladesh
  • Supplied From Bangladesh
  • 100% natural material
What are our product features?
  • Hand Made
  • Standard Designing
  • Natural materials
  • All size and color possible
  • Dust Proof
Description: Size: DIA=2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 14mm up to 50 mm Length            : As per buyer demand. Jute rope quality    : Sacking & CB Quality Packing            :  1st polythine wrapping then jute bag 1×20′ container capacity = 12.00 M.Tons 1×40′ container capacity = 24.00 M.Tons Using            : These jute ropes, which are popular in commercial as will as household                       purposes such as binding, Packing sacks or any other commodity and                         towing the animals to the cart .
Delivery Time : 30
Payment Terms : TT,L/C
Packing : Export Standard Packing
Brand Name : Jute Bag BD
Model : DJDC- 02002
Country Of Origin : Bangladesh
Delivery Place : All country except Syria and Israel