Product Organic Turkey, Breed

Organic Turkey, Breed

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Are you looking for some Fresh Organic Turkey from Bangladesh? Looking to import from a Good Source! 90% of people in Bangladesh are still dependent on agrarian economy. So, without empowering the Farmer’s our country cannot prosper.  We therefore as “Change Manager” ar practicing with “Community Base Ethical Supply Chain”. According to this Framework:
  • Farmers are owners of the Land and Capital
  • Farmer’s Will jointly combine their assets and advantages
  • The Total Ownership of the process Belongs to the farmer
  • We as a Foundation provide Training and Development Facilities
  • To Also provide product promotion Service
Our efforts combined in the First ever “Organic Eco-System” in Bangladesh. Extreme Ownership is taken by our members to train themselves on “Ethical farming. We coach them on Organic Farming, Natural Fertilizer and Pest Control. Apart from Training the Male Farmers, we are also working with their “Better Half” to train them on Home Economics. We provide all technical support to the farmer’s families as we include their women in to the project to give modern skill on indigenous crafting related to fashion work including recycling. So, if you are Looking for Farm Fresh Organic Turkey, Retail or Wholesale from Bangladesh, Only Wholesale for Export order. East organic, Live healthy   Currently our Organic Agriculture, Fish and Poultry Products are:
  • Organic Chicken Sonali
  • Organic Turkey
  • Chicken Desi
  • Duck
  • Turkey
  • Organic Eggs
  • Mushroom
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