Product (P1)-900 Model Leather Passport Holder

(P1)-900 Model Leather Passport Holder

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Real Leather Passport Holder
Color: Black

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About Smart Leather`

Smart Leather Products is a privately Owned Leather Goods Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Retailer from Bangladesh since 2008. The Company is a “National Award Winning” Leather Manufacturer. The company also won the prestigious “President’s Award” for contribution in developing the economy of Bangladesh. Smart Leather Products is a Labour Compliance Factory and is associated with NASCIB and Human Rights Foundation. Smart Leather Products has a Self-owned factory in Hazaribag and Retail Center in Bangladesh. Moreover, it has an online presence and delivered its products countrywide from its online platform.

General Info:

Company Start Date: 2008

Address: 39/1, Zigatola Tannery Block, Hazaribag, Dhaka-1209

Company Type: Manufacturing, Export, Wholesale, Retail

Company Info:

Factory Size: 4000 Square Feet, Have Proper Security Personnel for Worker Safety, Environment Friendly because finished Leather is used for production, Fire Extinguisher installed for Worker and Factory Safety, Worker’s wages are paid accordingly and in compliance according to labour law of Bangladesh.

Monthly Production Capability: 5000 Pieces (All Kinds of Bags) 5000 pieces (Belt. Wallet, Small Leather goods)

Material Source: Finished leather from Apex Tannery & Bay Tannery       

                                  Chinese Materials such as Zipper, Ring, Runner, Lock, Thread & other accessories.

Shop No-409, Level-04, Tokyo, Square, Japan Garden City, Ring Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207 Email:, Cell No: 0167-5482666

Product Categories:             List of Product specification:

Leather Bagpack                           -Ladies Bag      -Leather Jacket

Leather Belts                                 -Office Bag      -Photo Frame

Leather Ladies Bag                        -Laptop Bag    -Corporate Gifts/Promotional Item

Leather Office Bag                        -Wallet

Leather Wallets                             -Belt

Small Leather Goods                     -Purse


Website and Social Media Presence:


Facebook Page:

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Delivery Time : 15 days
Payment Terms : TT or LC
Packing : Export Standard
Brand Name : Smart Leather
Country Of Origin : Bangladesh
Delivery Place : Anywhere in the world