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Pangasius Medallion

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Pangasius Medallion from Bangladesh  We are:
  • Fish Suppliers from Bangladesh
  • Self owned Fisheries and Processing Plant
With good number of companies and large number of expertise Virgo Global, a multi diversified fast growing business house, has launched Virgo Fish & Agro Process Limited which is first of its kind in Bangladesh. Our main offering from this plant would be a wide range of processed fish fillet and valuable further industry related products such as Fish Oil and Fish Meal. The processing plant has been equipped with modern and advanced machineries supplied and installed by Danish experts under the Technical Assistance of DANIDA. DANIDA has approved us for Danish Business Partnership (DBP) which brought us the opportunity to get assistance from DANIDA and the DANISH Business partners not only in Factory Designing, machineries installation and commissioning but also promote Export of products, Employee training and exploring markets in EU and other countries. Bangladesh is a Member Country of INFOFISH (FAO, UN Project). Under an agreement with INFOFISH we are committed to develop and promote fresh water fish product in South East Asia, Europe and all over the World.
Product Name HS Code
Catfish (Pangasius spp, Silurus spp, Clarias spp, Ictalurus spp), Wrapped/canned 03027210
Catfish (Pangasius spp, Silurus spp, Clarias spp, Ictalurus spp), EXCL. Wrapped/ 03027290
Black Tiger shrimp 03061719
Tilapias (Oreochromis spp), Wrapped/canned upto 2.5 Kg 03043110
Tilapias (Oreochromis spp), EXCL. Wrapped/canned upto 2.5 Kg 03043190
  Our Partners: Strategic Partners:
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
  • Danida
  • Infofish
Technical partner
  • Kolemadsen A/S
  • KM Fish Machinery
  • Marine-EL Aut El-Installator
Virgo fish process plant is the most modern, scientific and hygienic fish processing factory in South East Asia. We provide Fat Less High Protein, Safe & Delicious Fishes. Our product line consists of the following:
  • Whole Fish
  • Gutless Fish
  • Head off Gutless Tail off Fish (HGT)
  • Fish Steaks
  • Fish Skewers
  • Fish Fillet from Pangasius Hypophthalmus & Tilapia
  • Without Skin/With Skin
  • Bone Less
  • Belly flap off
  • Superficial blood spotless
  • Fully Trimmed Premium Quality
  • Semi Trimmed Premium Quality
  • Untrimmed Premium Quality
  • Fillet with Tail
  • Fillet without Tail
  • Colour-White,Pink,LightYellow,
  • Glaze 10% - 30% as desired by the Buyer
Delivery Time : 30 days
Payment Terms : LC/TT
Packing : Export Standard Packing
Brand Name : Virgo Fish & Agro Process Ltd
Country Of Origin : Bangladesh
Delivery Place : FOB (Chittagong Sea Port/ Search Results Shah Jalal International Airport Dhaka, Bangladesh