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Paper Cup 250 ML

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Paper Cup 250 ML,Made In Bangladesh Nowadays we all think about our very own profit in every place. Even I’m not any exception from that. But the exception is, I think this earth and environment is my very own and very essential for myself and my family to live. Yes, I am talking about environment and we know that day by day our environment is being polluted by us. We can at least try to reduce this pollution by using environment friendly products, and KPC paper product is a little step toward this... We have our own graphics design in house for new design development. As a manufacturer of Disposable Paper Product we have three different machines of Paper Cup, Paper plate and box, one cup handle machine & one die-cut machine in our factory premises. PRODUCT QUALITY
  • Bio degradable paper
  • Fully disposable & recyclable
  • Environment friendly
  • Zero bacteria
  • Free from any harmful chemicals
  • Produced under most hygienic conditions following International standards
  • Raw material used is compatible with International standards.
  • Food grade certified by SGS.
  • In house proximate laboratory for quality assurance.
  • Product COC certificate from SGS.
  • Product migration test report from raw materials manufacturer.
  • Ink used in production is food grade with test report.