Soybean Oil Manufacturer in Bangladesh and Its Aspects

Soybean oil is the most-used cooking oil in Bangladesh and all over the world. This cooking oil is generally a vegetable oil that is extracted from soybean seed by cracking it. It provides higher energy and fats and contains no cholesterol.

According to Statistics, Bangladeshi people consume 40 million tons of edible oil and fat in a year, which is growing every year but, 90% of this is imported from various countries. Bangladeshi manufacturer produces a small quantity of that demand due to multiple reasons. In this article, we are going to discuss soybean oil manufacturers in Bangladesh and its aspects.

Well-Known Soybean oil manufacturers in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh produces soybean oil in a small quantity. 90% of its demand has to be met by importing from various countries. Some manufacturers are here in the Bangladeshi market. We are mentioning a few of them:

  • ACI Edible Oils Ltd: ACI is one of the renowned companies in Bangladesh. They manufacture a soybean oil named ACI Pure Soyabean Oil, which is procured from various countries and refine them very well. Their processing maintains low fatty acid and the color grade. After finishing all these things, they distribute their product by 1,2 and 5 liters bottles.
  • Meghna Group of Industries: Meghna group produces another soybean oil named super Fresh Soyabean Oil, which is very popular in Bangladesh. They also maintain their qualities. They are very illustrious for their best quality in Bangladesh. They are doing their process by three-step, respectively, perfect degumming, neutralization, and balanced de-colorization. They ensure the ideal ratio of omega and beta carotene in their soybean oil.
  • Bangladesh Edible Oil Ltd: BEOL is also a famous brand for soybean oil in Bangladesh. They produce Rupchanda soybean oil for a long time. They started this business in 1996. At that time market was dominated by loose soybean oil. They changed the concept and entered to the edible oil market. They awarded a lot of time for doing great in the edible oil market. They secured fourth place among thirty edible oil companies.
  • Bashundhara Multi Food Products Ltd: Bashundhara multi food products limited lunched a soybean oil named Bashundhara Fortified Soybean Oil in a very recent time in Bangladesh. They are using the latest technology to produce the best edible oil for Bangladesh. For the first time, they are using the dedicated refining system. Their product is cholesterol-free and filled with vitamin A, omega 3, and omega 6, which prevents you from night blindness and keeps your skin and hair healthy.
  • TK Group of Industries: This company manufacture PUSTI Soyabean Oil for a long time. They claim that their product is the flagship premium product in the soyabean oil market of Bangladesh. They use German refining technology, which makes their oil tasty and healthy. They say that they are very much conscious of the customer of their product. They maintain the right cholesterol level. They provide their oil in the market by 1, 2, and 5 liters bottles.
  • Nahar group: Nahar group produce another edible oil in Bangladesh named DADA Soya bean Oil. Their company is situated in Chittagong. They are also a renowned edible oil brand in Bangladesh.

These companies mainly manufacture soybean oil in Bangladesh. After producing this quantity’s soybean oil, Bangladesh has to spend US$1.6 billion for edible oil over the year because Bangladesh has a vast demand for soybean oil.

Most of the families consume soybean oil for cooking in this country. A useful step should be taken seriously because this sector creates a massive imbalance of inflow and outflow.

Overall Aspect of Soybean Oil Manufacturer:

Though a lot of company is working for soybean oil, manufacturing a massive quantity of edible oil, the produced edible oil can satisfy 8-10% demand of our total demand for soybean oil.

Day by day, soybean manufacturers are increasing. For instance, Bashundhara group came in this industry last year. Like this, many companies are showing interest in producing edible oil. It’s great news for us.

However, the government should take various steps in this edible oil manufacturing sector. To meet the annual demand for our oil and fats, we have to produce 35 million tons. But the good news is the government is taking some steps.


There are few soybean manufacturers in our country, but the quality of our edible oil is too good. We hope one day this a vast quantity of fresh and healthy soybean oil will be produced in Bangladesh, which will satisfy all of our demand for edible oil. In this article, we have discussed soybean oil manufacturer in Bangladesh and its aspects which have helped you a lot to know about it

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