Showcasing Solutions

  • Individual Online Showroom
  • Unlimited Product Posting
  • Authentic Verification Process

Enquiry Solutions

  • Direct Enquiry from Buyers
  • Access to Global RFQs
  • Dedicated Enquiry Manager

Learning Solutions

  • Practical Export Learning
  • Export Managment Services
  • Export Facilitation Services


Opening and managing online showroom is easier like managing a facebook page. You can register from Sign Up with your email confirmation. You need to submit your business doccuments to obtain a verified showroom.
All suppliers can access to RFQs of tedfo platform but to respond RFQs you need to be premium member of Tedfo platform.
To improve your export skills, Tedfo Academy can help you to learn export marketing and export management in depth. Tedfo academy conducts several courses in different duration.
Export Management service includes shipment management, export doccumentation, shipping and logistics management, inspection and CNF support. It also handle sample collection and sample despatch for smooth sample managment.
Export Facilitation service includes permission and doccumentation required for export, export related financing, VAT and tax management, cash incentinve management and other type of assistance required for handling export business of a company.