The Ultimate List of Bangladesh Woven Garment Industry [Updated]

Bangladesh woven garments industry has a rich background from the beginning of the export history of Bangladesh. There are hundreds of woven garments factories are out there in different places of Bangladesh. It was above 80% export share among all exports garment industry of Bangladesh. Woven Garments Factory usually has a prolific growth capacity in Bangladesh.During the increase of competitiveness of the garments industry for last decades Bangladesh woven garments factory is decreasing rapidly.

Though still there is huge potential and quality woven garment products are producing by many woven garments manufacturers. Also, from the beginning quality of Bangladeshi woven garments, products are satisfying woven product buyers from all over the world. Here in this discussion, our focus is sharing details information regarding Bangladesh woven garments factory.

What is Woven Garments?

To understand Bangladesh woven garments industry and the factories, you must need to know, what woven garment is. So, for explaining the definition of woven garments which is one the most popular manner for manufacturing fabrics. The word woven came from another word known weaving.

Weaving is a method of producing textiles where two different sets of threads or threads are tied at right angles to form the fabric or fabric. Other methods are knitting, crocheting, hair, braiding or braiding. The longitudinal strands are called the warp, and the lateral strands are weft or filling. (The plot is an old English word meaning “what is Woven?“; compare how it is “leave” and “left”.

The way these threads intertwine affects the properties of the tissue. The fabric is usually woven into a loom, which is the device that holds the twisting yarns in place while the filling threads are woven through them. Fabric tape that meets the definition of fabric (twisted strands with twisted weft thread around one another) can also be made using other methods, including plate tissue, back belt or other techniques without looming.

The way the warp threads are interwoven is called tissue filling. Most of the manufacturers producing woven productsusing one of three basic fabrics and those are plain, satin, or long twill. Woven fabric can be simple (with simple colour or pattern), or it can be woven into an artistic or decorative design.

History of Bangladesh Woven Garment Industry

Bangladesh woven garments industry have a great history. Readymade garments industry started in the beginning of 1980 in Bangladesh. Contemporaneous period of that time, Bangladesh was one of the most targeted sources for RMG. If we want to talk about woven garments, then we can start the discussion by saying that the development of the RMG industry in Bangladesh started with woven garments in 1985. Woven garments buyers were purchasing woven products mostly from Bangladesh for its reasonable price.

There are hundreds of woven garment factories established to meet the increasing demand of woven garment products. In this way, Bangladeshi woven garment factories were exporting woven products and meeting the demand of woven cloths and fabrics. Renowned clothing brands buying their required woven products from Bangladesh.

After this insane improvement of woven industry in Bangladesh, the competition increased at horse speed. As the competition went high, other countries already started producing woven garment products. In the early 90s, the market share of woven garments was more than 80%. Then gradually, market share went down so rapidly.

In 2000, the market share of garments fell to 70%, and in 2004 it went down to 62%. According to the last statistical analysis (Export Promotion Bureau Bangladesh, 2006) of 2006, the current market-share of woven garments in Bangladesh is only 38.80%.

Present Condition of Bangladesh WovenGarments Factory

In Bangladesh woven garments industry, Readymade garments are divided into two main categories of manufactured in Bangladesh: woven and knit products. T-shirts, shirts and trousers are the main products of woven garments, underwear, socks, socks, shirts, wool jackets, and other non-formal and soft clothing are knit products. Woven apparel products still dominate the country’s export earnings.

Since the early 1990s, the share of readymade garments has increased; these products currently represent more than 40% of the country’s total export earnings from the RMG (BGMEA website). Even though Bangladeshi woven garments manufacturers are producing a wide variety of garments products, shirts, shirts, pants, sweaters, and sweaters are only a few categories of major production share (BGMEA website; Nath, 2001). The main focus of this constricted focus on products is the economy for large scale production and the export quota holdings of the relevant segments.

Readymade is the most important industrial sector in the country, exporting nearly $15 billion in 2010. It represents about 13% of GDP and over 75% of total exports. Recent surveys by consulting firm McKinsey and accounting firm KPMG have found attractive prices to be the main reason for buying in Bangladesh. Pricing will remain very competitive in the future, as significant increases in efficiency will offset higher wage costs.

Bangladesh Woven Garments Buyer

The apparel or garment sector is a rapidly growing sector in Bangladesh and Bangladesh woven garments industry is spreading. The economy is reflecting in the clothing sector. Many people participate in this sector. Meanwhile, it is the first sector to obtain foreign exchange from Bangladesh. The quality of the Bangladeshi manufacturer’s clothes are higher than in other producing countries. There are many advantages available in Bangladesh for producing garments.

For that reason, buyers are interested in importing apparel products from Bangladesh. The main buyer of clothes in Bangladesh. Bangladesh exports its clothing products in most of the major economic countries. Most clothing buyers come from the United States. United Kingdom, all in Europe and Australia. Besides, Bangladesh garment products are exported all over the world.

Now in the below list, we are going to represent some of the popular buyer of Bangladesh woven garments factory products so that the interested people who are thinking regarding purchasing woven products for their business or other purposes can have an idea about the quality of Bangladesh woven products.

Woven Garments Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh woven garment industry is the second largest RMG exporter in the world. RMG is bringing most of the foreign remittance to Bangladesh. Expert says that RMG is holding the economy of Bangladesh. As we said earlier, the types of RMG woven and knit. Here is this section we are going to discuss woven garments and its opportunity and facilities according to the several studies.

Demand for woven garments is high in the world and for producing that large amount of product needs more than three billion meters of woven fabric. Bangladeshi fabric producer can produce only 45 million meters which is only 14% to 15% of the total demand. Remaining fabric is importing from other countries, and every year Bangladeshi woven garments manufacturers are spending more than four billions of dollars for importing it.

Bangladesh has hundreds of woven garments for meeting the excessively growing demand for woven made cloths. BGMEA publishes Bangladeshi garments industry list of top 100 garments factory in Bangladesh every year. Among them, buyers caneasily find the top 10 woven garments for their products.

There more than top 50 woven garments factory in Bangladesh are manufacturing excellent quality of woven products which is making the buyers happy. If you want to get Bangladesh woven garments factory list, you can find it here in this article. After the BGMEA authority publishes the list, we will release them here as a complete list so that you can get it easily.

Woven Garments Factory profile in Bangladesh

There are many woven garment factories in Bangladesh producing woven products, and they have their eyecatching profile of working for more than 10-15 years in this industry. As we have said earlier that, the demand of woven fabric is high because most of the fashion products are produced using this fabric such as pants, shirts, t-shirts etc.

Most of the time, buyers are searching woven garments list for top woven garments in Bangladesh. Top-rated woven garments are producing the best products, and they are also delivering the product on time. As a result, they are getting most of the orders. Buyers are always searching for the best product at a reasonable price. Best performing garments are paying attention to this, and they design their service package according to the buyer’s demand.

Tedfo is a platform where every well-known and reputed woven garments has their profile. At our platform, buyers can easily get detailed information of their desired suppliers. Here you will get information as well as their product listings. Buyers will be able to contact them and get a quotation their service or products. In this way, every potential buyer will be able to purchase their products from Tedfo without any hassle.

Bangladesh Woven Garments Factory Quality

In the last few years, the export of woven products went down due to the distance. Turkey or china are the main competitors of Bangladesh,and their distance from the USA or UK is less than Bangladesh. They are taking advantages of that and developing garments industry in there so fast. Though the quality of Bangladeshi woven products are better than others, that is why Bangladesh is still in the first position of woven garments export in the UK and the third position in the US. Soon Bangladesh will be in the first position in the USA also.

Bangladeshi woven garment products are attracting foreign buyers for a long time now. Government of Bangladesh has taken a goal of achieving remittance of 50 billion dollars within 2021. The government is also working on the improvement of the RMG industry in Bangladesh. Respective authority is coordinating and meeting with the owners of the garments and discussing for finding an effective way of improving and meeting the goal within 2021.

BGMEA the authority of garments sector regulation is focusing on improving the quality of Bangladeshi woven products and making it as the best in the world. Though already Bangladeshi woven products are the world’s one of the best products according to the buyer’s review. So, there are no other questions regarding the quality of Bangladeshi woven garments products. The quality of Bangladesh woven garment factory is also improving at a higher speed than before.

Why Choose Bangladeshi Woven Garments Manufacturer?

There are hundreds of reasons why you can choose Bangladeshi woven product manufacturers. Fabric quality is higher than other country’s manufacturers because Bangladeshi garments owners are importing them from the best-woven fabric suppliers all over the world. Bangladeshi local suppliers are also producing world-class woven fabric in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a developing country, and the labour price is low in here. Production capacity also high in Bangladesh, that is why buyers from all over the world are consignment to Bangladeshi woven garments factory. India, Pakistan, and China are the main competitor of Bangladesh. Due to the less production of woven fabric, Bangladesh is getting behind of these competitors though low labour rate is an advantage of Bangladesh because other competitor country’s labour rate is quite higher than Bangladesh.

How You Find Right Manufacturer For Woven Garments?|

Getting the right best manufacturer for producing your woven garment products might be hard for you. If you want to get your product properly manufactured, as well as delivered on time, you need the best manufacturer. You must observe and analyze their quality before you give the consignment to them. Tedfo is doing the hardwork for you. We are analyzing all of the suppliers of the woven product all over the Bangladesh and collecting all the required information and making them a profile on Tedfo website so that you can easily get the information you need about the supplier before you choose.

All you need to do is registering on our website, or you can contact us through our email or contact us page. Though registering on our platform will open the access of hundreds of woven garment products suppliers. Think about that you will have access to all of our suppliers and you can contact them through our respective person. Do not be so late, register now and get any supplier’s info you need.

Finishing Words

We are at the end of the discussion of Bangladesh woven garment industry, and we hope that you got all the information you need about it. If you are a buyer, then you do not need to hesitate about the product quality of Bangladesh woven products. Almost all of the most popular brand already certify them as the best. However, you can contact few woven garment suppliers of Bangladesh then you might get an idea about the service quality of them.

You can also contact Tedfo for getting information related to woven garments products. Tedfo is providing woven products as bulk amount. If you are searching for the best suppliers, then you are in the proper place where you can get that information. We are working on improvements trading, will provide a trade experience that you would not forget ever.

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