Top 11 Clothing Manufacturers, Supplier & Factories in Bangladesh


Textile and clothing industry is the most significant sector nowadays in the economy of Bangladesh. The export trade is now mostly dominated by this sector. According to a statistic of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Bangladesh is the world’s second-largest clothing exporters after China. The whole world knows this small country for this sector.

The chief artisan of this success of Bangladesh is the clothing manufacturers and suppliers. Clothing factories in this country is too good and produces quality and at the same time unique goods for the whole world.

Here in this article, we will conduct a discussion about clothing manufacturers, suppliers and factories in Bangladesh. Hopefully, it will be very beneficial to you.

Top 11 Bangladeshi clothing manufacturers and suppliers

The clothing industry, more specifically the readymade garments industry in Bangladesh, is the most important contributor of GPD in this country. Bangladesh earns approximately thirty billion dollars every year in this sector.

Now this country has set up his goal to achieve fifty billion dollars in this sector in 2021. Now here we will provide you with a list of best clothing manufacturers and suppliers as well as leading clothing factories in Bangladesh. These are as follows:

1. Ha-meem Group

Ha-meem group is the leading clothing manufacturer, suppliers and factories in Bangladesh. This company produces the best fashionable denim fabrics and the different types of garments products.

They have been working in this sector for the last three years with fifty thousands of workers. It is notable that they have 300 production lines and seven wash plants. So, we can say that this company has the most contribution to the economy of Bangladesh.

2. Square Fashions Ltd

Square fashions limited was founded in 1997. This company is specialized in producing a wide range of knitwear and circular knit fabrics. Square fashion limited has two garments units and two fabric units, which are well furnished and fully equipped.

This company is providing workers with free habitation and many other facilities, including drinking water, lighting, cooking, transportation, meals at work, recreation, medical services, etc.   

3. Beximco Fashions Ltd

Beximco group is very renowned group in Bangladesh. Beximco fashion limited as a member of Beximco group is also doing the best in this garments sector. This company was established in 1997 with the orientation of exportation of garments products.

Beximco fashion limited is situated at Savar, Dhaka. This company produces six million pieces of high-quality products for the USA, Canada, Arab and many other countries every year.

4. Fakir Group

Fakir group is one of the biggest companies in Bangladesh, which conducts a lot of functions regarding the production of garments products. This group is a combination of composite knit garments, garments label designing, manufacturing, packaging, printing and so on. The production of this group is totally export-oriented. They have the capacity of producing 3.6 million units every year.

5. Opex Sinha Group

Opex Sinha group is one of the most significant exporters of readymade clothing in Bangladesh. Their annual earnings from the exportation of their product are 300 million USD.  

6. DBL Group

DBL Group has a diversity of their business which has vertically mixed with textile and apparel facilities. It is also one of the best-knit garments, and the major market of this company is USA, Europe and Canada.

7. Standard Group

Standard Group was established in 1984, and it is one of the longest-running garments manufacturing industries in Bangladesh.  This garment has own in house garment washing, printing, garment testing, apparel design and many other important facilities.

8. Givensee Group of Industries Ltd

Givensee Group of Industries is one of the largest composite clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh, which was established in 1982. Seventeen thousand workers are working daily in this company and manufacturing more the 70000 units clothing in every year. Their products start with knitwear items and end in heavy denim. 

9. Alhaj Textile Mills Ltd

Alhaj textile mills limited is one of the oldest cotton manufacturing company in Bangladesh. This company was established in 1962. Alhaj textile mills is situated in Isshwardi, Pabna. 1600 worker and 200 officers are working in this company.

10. DIRD Group

DIRD group is a renowned group for manufacturing garments product in the whole world. It is located at 35 kilometres away from Dhaka airport.  Eleven thousand workers are appointed here, and the capacity of the production is three million units every month.   

11. Epyllion Group

Epyllion group started their journey as a manufacturer and exporter of garment products in 1994. This is a big group now, and their main market is Europe, Canada, USA, etc.

Mainly these are the clothing manufacturer, suppliers and factories having a huge contribution to the economy of Bangladesh.

Challenges for the clothing manufacturers, suppliers and factories in Bangladesh

For clothing manufacturers, suppliers and factories, Bangladesh have a lot of strengths like cheap labour force, low-cost power generation, availability and flexibility of raw materials, etc. But at the same time, there still have some challenges and prospects for them here. Now we will discuss the challenges for the clothing manufacturers, suppliers and factories in Bangladesh.

  • Lack of investments
  • Lack of skilled manpower
  • Lack of training opportunities
  • Lack of supervisors of production
  • Poor salary of the workers
  • Poor working environment
  • Lack of advanced technologies
  • Political imbalance
  • Long working time
  • More production time
  • Lack of managerial knowledge
  • Lack of safety

These are the challenges for the clothing manufacturers, suppliers and factories in Bangladesh. We need to overcome these challenges. Here the government of Bangladesh should take enough necessary steps for them.

Final Thoughts

Export of garments and clothing is the major source of earning foreign exchange nowadays. A lot of companies are working for it. Bangladesh clothing manufacturers and suppliers are very famous in the world. Buyers from different countries come to visit the clothing factories in Bangladesh to ensure the quality of the products they want to import.

Well, in this article, we have discussed clothing manufacturers, suppliers and factories in Bangladesh in details. We hope that this article will be very helpful for you if you are the buyer as well as someone who wants to know about this topic. Here we tried to give you the exact scenario of the manufacturers, suppliers as well as factories in Bangladesh.

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