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Top 10 Compliance Garments Factory in Bangladesh

This article is written to give information about the top 10 compliance garments factory in Bangladesh. Readymade garments and apparel industry in Bangladesh contribute 11.17% of the total GDP in the 2017-18 fiscal year. With the 83% share of the overall export earnings, the RMG sector is the big player in the national economic development.

However, the working environment in the RMG sector couldn’t keep pace with the expansion and modernization. Several significant accidents and numerous deaths happened due to the lack of compliance standards in the RMG industry throughout the 2010s’.

Thus, the government of Bangladesh and investors took a strong stand to imply international work environment standards in the early 2010s’. The number of complaints factories started to increase from that time.

What is Compliance in Garments Factory

Compliance means adherence to a particular set standard. In the same way, garments factory compliance in Bangladesh means conformity to specific set standards maintained by the global apparel brands.

The garment factory compliance checklist includes almost everything associated with a moderate working condition and worker-friendly management systems. The compliance issues cover from minimum wage, working hours, health and toilet facilities, safety guard, and many more.

Bangladesh garment factory compliance standards cover a lot of issues. It includes management documents, emergency preparedness, proper signage, adequate lighting, safety guards, and efficient housekeeping.

Top 10 List of Compliance Garments Factory in Bangladesh

Right now, there are numerous compliance readymade garments factories in Bangladesh. They fulfill all the garment factory compliance requirements. It helps them to ensure moderate working conditions and a standard living wage for the workers.

List of Compliance Garments Factory in Bangladesh

List of Compliance Garments Factory in Bangladesh

We have rounded up the top 10 compliance factories in the garment industry. These compliant factories set an example for others in the readymade garments (RMG) sector in the country.

1.  Beximco Fashions Ltd.

Beximco Fashions started its business in 1997. This is an individual from the Beximco Group. This renowned group of industries is also one of the leaders in the textile industry. 

Beximco Fashions Ltd. is located in the Dhaka Export Processing Zone at Savar. This leading apparel manufacturer is one of the best compliance garment factories in the country. In the recent social compliance audit, the factory comes with one of the highest rankings in the country.  

2.  Ha-Meem Group

Ha-Meem Group built one of the worker-friendly factories in Bangladesh. The organization has 30-years of experience in the readymade garment industry. Moreover, it is well known for its most trendy denim texture in the world.

The organization has offered all the legally required facilities to the workers. Besides, the factory is famous as the most eco-friendly facility in Bangladesh. The factory has 26 processing plants with 300 creation lines. It can produce 7-million pieces of apparel per month.

3.  Opex Sinha Group

This business conglomerate runs the Opex Fashion Ltd. in Bangladesh. The Opex Sinha factory is one of the largest manufacturers of readymade garments with an annual export total of $300-million. With designers and technicians from all over the world, Opex Sinha Group made its presence in all significant apparel brand warehouses.

This RMG manufacturer ensures both technical and ethical compliance standards for the workers. Besides, it also makes sure the supply chains and sources are compliant with set standards like wage, trade union, and safety guards.

4.  DBL Group

The apparel factory run by the DBL group meets almost all the garment factory compliance requirements. With the production capacity of 13-million pieces per month, this manufacturing organization is one of the largest in Bangladesh.

The factory ensures suitable work conditions for the workers following its values that include care and excellence. Safety, wage, welfare, and trade union are few of the compliance that they maintain for better business and professional growth.

5.  Standard Group

Standard Groups is one of the oldest manufacturers of readymade garments in Bangladesh. This organization is well-known for supreme quality shirts along with woven and knitwear. The factory also houses one of the most extensive clothing fabrication facilities.

This RMG manufacturer has the reputation of successfully aligned with the garment factory compliance checklist. The workers get all the technical, ethical, and financial support due to the compliance practice. 

6.  Fakir Group

Since 2010, Fakir Garments Ltd. of the Fakir Group has been producing high-quality apparel, especially for the European market. The factory in Narayanganj, Dhaka, can produce 3.6-million pieces of clothing per year.

Around 1000-workers work in 10 production lines within a suitable work condition. The management ensures high standards and is ranked as one of the best compliance garments factory in Bangladesh.

7.  Square Fashions Group

The Square Fashion Group is an individual from Square Group. Like its other business units, the fashion manufacturer is renowned for social and technical compliances in all its production units. Square Fashion offers dormitories with cooking facilities, pure drinking water, and other utilities. Besides, it also ensures free meals, medical services, and recreational facilities for them.

The factory is specialized in knit apparel and circular knit apparel. Moreover, it also provides cutting, embroidery, sewing, and finishing facilities.

8.  Epyllion Group

Since 1994, Epyllion Group has successfully produced and exported knit apparel to the markets in the US, Asia, Africa, and Europe. As a business conglomerate, the group uses all the backward linkage to successfully run the operations.

The organization maintains all the garments factory compliance in Bangladesh. The workers enjoy an excellent work condition with a suitable living wage, trade union access, and safety guard. Besides, they also get medical and subsidized meal facilities.

9.  Givensee Group of Industries Ltd.

Givensee Group runs one of the best compliant factories in Bangladesh. They have started their endeavor since 1982. The primary product of this factory ranges from heavy denim to knitwear items.

With around 17000 satisfied workers, the organization practices all the requirements of technical, management, ethical, and safety compliance.

10.  Asian Apparels Ltd.

Asian Apparel is a 100% export-oriented company since 1992. The company has put additional effort into ensuring the garment factory compliance checklist. They have maintained all the ethical, social, and environmental compliance to ensure a healthy and sustainable production system.


The list of a compliance garments factory in Bangladesh is long. However, we have compiled the top 10 companies/factories that are pioneers in this industry.

These companies have set the standard for the garments factory compliance in Bangladesh. It will definitely help the other RMG manufacturers to adopt sustainable growth and expansion. The list of top 10 compliance garments factory in Bangladesh will help you to find out the right garments for your business.

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